What You Need to Know About Hardwood Floors in Kitchens

Kitchen Hardwood

Our kitchens are the true heart of our homes. It’s a place of entertainment, comfort, and security. Whether small or large, it’s the hub of our house, fueling our families and friends. From walk-thru traffic, spills, splashes, and even dog mud dashes, our kitchen floors take a beating. Although hardwood flooring is durable, it still requires regular maintenance to keep its finish pristine. As one of the top hardwood flooring companies in Calgary, we at Bull Tough will provide your kitchen floors with professional recommendations that will maintain the integrity of your floors. Here are a few things you need to know when considering installing hardwood floors in your kitchen for your home:

Cost and Installation

Flooring is available in a wide price range, from $3-$20 per square foot dependent on requested materials. When it comes to your kitchen floors, it’s important to consider very dense and durable hardwood. We recommend avoiding softwood floors, as they’re susceptible to water damage and staining.

Finish Options

After your kitchen’s hardwood has been installed, it’s important to put a protective finish on top to keep them looking their best. Selecting the best finish can be intimidating as hardwood floors have various levels of ease, durability, and even glossiness. There are several finishes to choose from, from your traditional penetrating oils to polyurethane, which creates a highly washable surface – ideal for kitchens!

Installing hardwood has its perks. One of the main advantages of unfinished hardwood is its flexibility. Since unfinished flooring is raw wood, you’re working with a clean slate. You’re able to customize the finish you want, enable better uniformity and, you’re able to match it to other floors or interiors within your home.

Care and Maintenance of Kitchen Floors

Like anything, your kitchen floors need to be nurtured. Here are a few best practices when caring for your hardwood flooring:

  1. Clean spills immediately! Use a dry cloth to tackle any spills or splash, as wood swells and shrinks depending on moisture.
  2. Use furniture pads. Scratches are inevitable but easily preventable. Your kitchen table and chair legs are a great place to pop a few pads under.
  3. Sweep and vacuum regularly. Avoid dust and dirt build-up that could potentially scratch your floors.

When starting your journey on hardwood flooring in Calgary, be sure to keep these three points top of mind. As Calgary’s award-winning flooring specialists, we want to help you achieve your kitchen flooring goals. Book a consultation for your hardwood flooring installation in Calgary with a Bull Tough representative. Call us at (403) 975-2579 or contact us online.

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