What to Expect During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

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At Bull Tough Flooring we believe that installing a solid hardwood floor in your Calgary home will always be a good investment. This type of floor never goes out of style and can be easily repaired, refinished and re-coated multiple times. The Bull Tough installation process guarantees your floor will look amazing and last a lifetime.

Depending on the product you select for your flooring our installation process may differ slightly. Working with engineered or pre-finished floors will not require a staining process, while hardwood floors will. With that in mind the overarching process remains much the same and will include a 5-step process from start to finish. Keep reading to learn more about our process and what you can expect during your hardwood floor installation!

Hardwood Flooring Installation Process


Step 1: Pre-installation walk through with the customer.

This is an opportunity for the Bull Tough Flooring team to get a sense of the space and to discuss how the project will be completed and why.

Step 2: Floor Preparation.

This is a step that Bull Tough can complete for you, or you can complete yourself. Floor preparation will include the removal of the existing flooring and will require that the fridge, stove, doors, toilets, and sinks are removed from the workspace. Baseboard removal is optional, but if they are left on there is a chance, they could get some stain on them. You can leave the dishwasher in place.

Step 3: Floor installation.

The Bull Tough team will laser in the first row and work out from that. Depending on your floor and the base beneath it we will either nail it down, glue it down or both. We follow standard guidelines regarding which approach must be taken based on the individual circumstances and flooring products.

Step 4: Customer walk through.

The customer walk through will occur after the floor finishing is on a hardwood floor. This is an opportunity for the customer to walk through the new space with our team identifying any outstanding issues or alterations.

Step 5: Touch ups.

After the finishing has dried and we have walked through the space with the customer, we will complete any additional changes and touch ups that have been identified.

Bull Tough Flooring typically commits to completing the entire installation process for under 500 sq. ft in two days and projects averaging 1000 sq. ft in three-to-five days.

Ultimately all Bull Tough customers should expect excellent service and an excellent final product. Every aspect of this business revolves around offering our customers the best service. We take a lot of pride in the work we do and the way we make our customers feel. In one phrase, “expect peace of mind.”

To learn more about how Bull Tough Flooring can support your next project by contacting our team today!

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