Ways to Make Your Hardwood Floor Pet-Friendly

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When you come home from work and your four-legged friend comes blazing from around the corner to the door to greet you, it’s a glorious feeling. But, while you are happily being reunited, your hardwood floor may be taking a slight beating. Though a durable material, your hardwood flooring is prone to scratches and marks left by your dog’s or cat’s sharp claws. Looking for tips to pet-proof your hardwood flooring? Read on for Bull Tough Flooring’s suggestions.

For starters, trim your pet’s nails. By doing this, your hardwood floors, your pet, and your vet will thank you.  

Invest in harder wood because the harder it is, the better it withstands scratches and dents. How do you determine the hardness of wood? Ask Bull Tough Flooring to tell you all about the Janka Hardness scale.  

It’s all about camouflage. Hide your scratches and dents behind open grain and prominent graining patterns in your hardwood flooring. Some species of wood are better at this than others, ask Bull Tough Flooring to show you the difference.  

Texture-finish your floor. Bull Tough Flooring can give you a hand-scraped, distressed, or wire-brushed finish on your flooring which helps hide pet claws and scratches.  

Apply multiple coats of finish. Think of extra coats of finish as shields of protection for your hardwood floor. This will minimize the damage from your pet’s claws and an extra coat of polyurethane down the line is all you will need to refresh it.  

Choose your colours wisely and by that Bull Tough Flooring suggests that if you do have pets, opt for lighter hardwood floors to spruce up your Calgary home. That being said, the finish you choose for your hardwood floor will either hide or reveal scratches too. Glossier finishes reflect light more which highlights your pet’s scratches. Matte finishes are your preferred choice to conceal dents and marks.  

If you’re looking for the best hardwood flooring repair in Calgary or the best hardwood flooring installation in Calgary AND you’ve got a pet at home, call Bull Tough Flooring. Our tips and expertise will have you floored.

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