Things to Consider Before you Refinish Hardwood Floors

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Give Your Hardwood Flooring the TLC it Deserves

They say hardwood floors are like fine wine; as they age, they add more warmth and character to your home. However, without proper care and maintenance it may be difficult to experience that wonderful aging of hardwood floors in your Calgary home. To make better choices for protecting your flooring and unlocking its hidden beauty, a few expert insights might help.

Calgary’s hardwood flooring installation and refinishing experts at Bull Tough Flooring offer some insights on when to deep clean, refresh or refinish your wood floors

Make Informed Choices for Renewing Your Hardwood Floors

Renewing hardwood floors is not always about sanding and staining them. Here are some aspects to consider while deciding how to give your hardwood floors the care and attention they deserve.

  • Deep Cleaning: If there is no damage to the floors and it is only dirt and dust that is making your floors look worn and lacklustre, a good deep cleaning should do the job. This involves:
    • Thorough sweeping of the floors with a soft bristle broom
    • Vacuuming to remove hard-to-reach dirt in the floorboards and corners
    • Mopping with a microfiber cloth and concentrated cleaner made for hardwood floors


For deep cleaning high traffic zones, you may want to hire a hardwood flooring professional near you as they use specialized scrubbing machines to remove the embedded dirt.

  • Refinishing: When your wooden floors have severe water damage, excessive sun exposure, aging wood, or a faulty substructure, you may have no option but to completely replace the flooring. For a realistic estimate, learn more about hardwood flooring installation costs in Calgary. However, in certain cases, a full replacement is unnecessary. Consider refinishing your hardwood floors for these reasons:
    • Aesthetic improvements, such as change in the sheen, finish, or stain of the hardwood
    • Routine wear and tear that has led to scratches, blemishes, or stubborn stains on your wooden floors.


Cost-Effective Hardwood Flooring Installation in Calgary

How you treat your hardwood floors depends on their current state, as well as your renovation needs, goals and budget. Calgary’s hardwood flooring specialists at Bull Tough Flooring can evaluate your wood floors and help you make the best choices with respect to their maintenance, repairs, refinishing and replacement. Take advantage of our custom staining options, dustless sanding systems, timely project completion and lifetime warranty on new installations. Our quality workmanship, flawless finishes and consistent customer service have earned us extensive recognition, including the award for “Calgary’s Best Hardwood Flooring Company” several times in the past ten years.

Enjoy a complete suite of hardwood flooring services in Calgary by the award-winning team at Bull Tough Flooring. To learn more about our services, call 403-975-2579 or contact us online to request an instant quote.

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