The Top 5 Health Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

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Installing Hardwood Flooring

It’s the perfect time of year to research the variety of hardwood flooring that Bull Tough Flooring has to offer before summer arrives. Say hello to attractive looks, easy cleaning, and stress-free maintenance by installing hardwood flooring in your Calgary home.

Why Hardwood Flooring is a Healthy Choice

Installing hardwood floors is a worthwhile investment, offering plenty of health benefits to make it a worthwhile investment. Here are the top 5 reasons that make hardwood flooring a healthy addition to your Calgary home.

  1. Air Quality
    The fact that hardwood floors don’t trap dust or various other microorganisms will be discussed in greater detail below, but there’s an inherent reason hardwood is better than other flooring options with regard to air quality. Specifically, man-made materials can off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause respiratory issues as well as a bevy of other health complications. Comparatively, hardwood flooring, when properly treated, does not have these off-gassing properties. Make sure you hire the best hardwood floor installers for your Calgary home and ensure value for your investment.
  2. Indoor Allergens, Dust Mites, Pet Dander, and Other Microorganisms Don’t Stand a Chance
    Microscopic particulate matter is the downfall of carpeting, which can seemingly trap anything and everything within its fibers. If your home has carpet floors, you will need to either buy a deep cleaning vacuum with washing capabilities or hire a professional service (and both options are generally expensive). By contrast, a hardwood floor is nearly impenetrable and entirely flat. Any particles that land on such a surface pose little threat for the future once cleaned — even when just using a cloth rag and some water. For a deep disinfecting and cleaning, you can use a cleaning solution that has antibacterial properties.
  3. Cleaning with Ease
    Due to its simplicity, you won’t have to worry about anything soaking beneath your new hardwood flooring and staining the foundation underneath. Even better, you won’t have to invest in any complex hardware to deep clean it. In fact, hardwood is incredibly easy to clean and disinfect. You’ll be able to see any imperfections with a cursory glance and clean up any messes or possible bacteria with just some basic floor cleaner solution and anti-bacterial wipes.
  4. Stability
    This one is less obvious, but wood floors provide a surface that is stable for anyone that walks on them. While there aren’t a lot of risks associated with carpet in this manner, it’s common for less dense carpets (shag or other loose designs) to cause several issues. Any carpet, especially shag carpets, can potentially snag on your shoes or, even worse, someone’s walker or cane. When you install hardwood floors in your Calgary home, you don’t have to worry about slips, trips, and falls associated with someone’s feet or a walking aid being obstructed by carpets or rugs.
  5. Hardwood is a Natural Material
    Finally, hardwood is not produced through a complex chemical process. It is refined from actual wood to be utilized as flooring with little alteration other than smoothing and adding a finish. Opposingly, carpeting and laminate flooring are usually produced using a plethora of chemicals that can be environmentally hazardous, especially to young children and pets who often enjoy ‘tasting’ all surfaces.

Have questions about hardwood flooring for your Calgary home? Feel free to browse through our FAQs for more tips and information.

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