Barnwood Flooring

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With a variety of woods available for installation, each with its own look, feel, and character. Barnwood flooring is perhaps one of the most distinctive types. This hardwood floor is made from timber that has been reclaimed from historic buildings all across Canada – your floors could be your next conversation piece! No two boards are the same, and each one comes with its own history. There are several kinds of Barnwood, but the most common are fir, hemlock, and pine. 

Characteristics of Barnwood Flooring

Barnwood varies by each piece given their specific, unique origins. That said, most include a few common features:

  • A vintage look
  • Intricate details in the bark, telling the story of the tree
  • Noteworthy marks and stains, telling the story of the people who walked upon it previously


We know that “used floors” might seem a little odd… but as experts in hardwood floor repair in Calgary, we have the best tools at our disposal. With our seasoned expertise, we will ensure your Barnwood flooring fits the atmosphere you’re looking for in your space. Of course, this includes removing any unsightly blemishes or unevenness before installation.

How to Maintain Barnwood Flooring

Given their vintage, Barnwood floors do require a little care during installation. We’ll be sure to seal them well with our premium finish. There are a few things you can do to ensure the longevity of your Barnwood flooring.

After installation:

  • It takes up to five days for the floor to fully cure. Exercise extra caution during this period.
  • Remove all mats and rugs from the floor for thirty days.


  • Occasionally move furniture to avoid sun bleaching
  • Put felt pads on the legs of furniture to prevent scratching
  • Clean up spills quickly, using a paper towel to absorb any liquid. Follow up with a clean, damp cloth and finish with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. 
  • Only use low tack tape, for a limited period, to avoid lifting the finish.
  • Add an extra coat or two of finish to your floor when required (~3-5 years)


Barnwood flooring offers a different, storied option for your home or business. We would be pleased to walk you through our selection of flooring panels to match your preference and needs. When you’ve made your choice, we’ll take extra care in installation and walk you through the necessary steps for care and light repairs, when necessary. 

If Barnwood isn’t quite the right fit for you, or you’re looking for hardwood floor repair, we’ve got you covered! For any other questions, give us a call at 403-975-2579 or send us an email at