Replace, Repair or Refinish Old Hardwood Floors?

Replace Repair or Refinish Old Hardwood Floors

Professional Hardwood Flooring Specialists Help You Decide

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood flooring is that it can last for several decades. When installed correctly, hardwood repair for your Calgary home is not likely to be a frequent expense. Refinishing the floors is not a default option during every upgrade. A quick check online will typically yield several results related to dustless or sandless hardwood refinishing. While this may be a tempting proposition to avoid a costly and time-consuming hardwood replacement project, it may not always offer the desired results for your specific floors.

Determining the fate of your old hardwood floors requires careful consideration of numerous critical factors. As the best hardwood floor refinishers in Calgary, Bull Tough Flooring can help you understand when to repair, refinish, or replace old and worn wooden floors.

Defining Elements of Hardwood Flooring Upgrades

Before you decide whether to repair, replace, or refinish your old wooden floors, it is important to pinpoint the reason for the upgrade. Once you make a note of your specific issues and renovation goals, it is easier to decide how to upgrade the hardwood flooring in your Calgary home.

  • Aesthetic Elements: Is it about outdated shades or flooring patterns? If the objective of the renovation is to change the color, shade, or finish of your floors, refinishing is your best bet. However, if the key goal is to modify a classic vertical pattern to a creative herringbone design or swap out traditional Oakwood for a designer Brazilian Tigerwood, or add artistic inlays or border, a full replacement is the only option.
  • Wear and Tear: Tired of your old, worn wooden floors with scratches, blemishes, or stubborn stains? For most hardwood flooring issues, specialists recommend refinishing over replacement. However, there is a limit to how many times you can sand down and refinish even the best quality hardwood. Most types of woods can take up to 4 to 8 rounds of refinishing during their lifespan. Anything more than that could wreck the tongues and grooves through which the floorboards interlock or cause other damage to the floors.
  • Structural Problems: Creaking floors, loose wood strips, or missing boards? This could indicate damaged under-floors or sub-floors, which means, sanding, staining, or refinishing will not solve your problem. Removing the floorboards will allow your hardwood repair specialist to access and fix the issues in the materials or structure below. However, depending on the age and type of wood, it may or may not be possible to remove the flooring without damaging it. In such cases, ripping it apart and going for a full replacement may be unavoidable.
  • Movement Issues: If the floorboards are wiggling or moving around a lot, refinishing the floors may worsen the problem. Not only will you end up with bigger gaps between the floorboards, but it may also become an unsightly mess. A complete replacement of the wooden floors may be the ideal solution for movement-related issues.
  • Severe Damage: Moisture, water leaks, or other problems that have led to wood rot? If more than 1/3rdof the floorboards appear to be warping, chipping, or have termite infestations, the smarter option is to replace the entire flooring. Maximize your renovation budget by installing new hardwood instead of spending money on hardwood repair or partial replacements.


Reliable Hardwood Repair, Refinishing, and Replacement in Calgary

At Bull Tough Flooring, we have the skills and experience to repair, refinish, or replace all types of hardwood floors. As one of the best hardwood floor refinishers in Calgary, our goal is to ensure that your wooden flooring remains in top shape for years to come. Our talented crew stays abreast of the latest products and techniques in restoring or installing wooden floors and completes each project on time and on budget. Meticulous planning, quality workmanship, and superior customer service are the hallmarks of all our projects.

Enjoy smart, attractive, and durable hardwood flooring in your Calgary home. For flooring installation, repairs, refinishing services, or replacements, call Bull Tough Flooring at 403-975-2579. You can also reach us online for an instant quote.