Ways to Protect Your Floors When Company Comes Over


Tips from Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Installation Experts

Hardwood floors look beautiful and last for many years, especially when you first get them installed. However, your visitors may not always understand the house rules designed to keep your floors in good condition. How can you avoid coming across as a rude host while protecting your investment in hardwood floors?

Before you lay down the law when family and friends come for a visit, get your wood floors in pristine condition. Homeowners looking for “hardware floor refinishing near me” often choose Bull Tough Flooring in Calgary. We also handle hardware flooring maintenance or replacement.

Once your floors look amazing, show them off proudly without subjecting them to dents and dings from your nephew’s toy trucks and grandma’s metal walker.

Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Damage

Here are the top ways to protect your hardwood floors from damage when company comes over:

  • Use boot trays. Placing a boot tray outside serves as a great reminder to guests to remove their soiled or wet shoes before entering your home. If you put the tray indoors, place a cloth or towel beneath it to prevent moisture from damaging your hardwood floors.
  • Invest in door mats. It’s easy to find affordable floor mats with stylish designs that also protect your hardwood floor. PRO TIP: Put doormats inside and outside each entrance into your home. This strategy cuts back on the damaging grit and dirt that makes it onto your floor.
  • Use area rugs to set up a play space. Area rugs add color, style, and pizazz to any room, and they can also protect your flooring. If you have friends with small children, setting up a large, open area rug can provide a safe place for kids to play without scratching your wood floors.
  • Install floor protectors on your furniture. Use plastic, felt, or rubber pads to prevent the legs of chairs and other furniture from scratching the floors. This can help you protect your floors without cringing whenever a guest pulls out a chair to sit on.
  • Put tennis balls on canes and walkers. Canes and walkers can leave deep grooves and scratch your wood flooring. Keep a couple of tennis balls handy in case older family members or friends don’t already have them installed on their mobility devices. Cut an X on the top of the tennis ball wide enough to fit over the bottom of the cane or walker to prevent damage without impeding movement.
  • Avoid damage due to dog or cat claws.  If your guests want to bring their pets along, make sure they understand the rules. You can politely suggest they trim their pet’s nails prior to the visit to avoid scratching the delicate surface of your hardwood flooring. Otherwise, when something exciting happens outdoors, their pet may run to the window or door excitedly, scraping up the wood surface as they go.


Rediscover the Beauty of Your Hardwood Floor

When guests visit your home, implement the strategies above to prolong the useful life of your natural wood flooring. Protecting your wood floors when guests come over eventually becomes second nature. However, you will need to touch up your floors from time to time, to keep them in prime condition. The experienced team at Bull Tough Flooring offers the following services to maintain or renew hardwood flooring in Calgary:

Do you have other questions about caring for your wood flooring? Feel free to browse through our FAQs for more tips and information. Discuss your concerns with a Bull Tough Flooring customer service specialist by calling 403-975-2579 today. You can also contact us online for a fast, free quote.