Prevent Scratches on Wooden Floors

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Useful Tips from Your Trusted Hardwood Repair Specialists in Calgary

Hardwood floors in any home develop scratches over time. It is not just active kids, pets, or movement of furniture that may lead to scrapes and grazes. Each time anyone walks on hardwood flooring, some amount of sand, grit, debris, etc. go deep into the floor and create scratches on the floor finish.

The hardwood repair experts at Bull Tough Flooring have decades of experience in installing, repairing, maintaining and refinishing wooden floors in Calgary homes. Here’s some tips to prevent or minimize scratches on wooden floors.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Scratch-Free for a Long Time

  1. Keep Your Floors Clean: Letting fine dust, dirt or grime accumulate on your wooden floors raises the risk of tiny dings and scratches within a short period of time. Hence, one of the most basic steps in minimizing the wear and tear on your hardwood floors is to keep them clean. Invest in the right cleaning tools and brooms, specifically designed for wood floors. As a best practice, consider sweeping daily, vacuuming or mopping weekly, polishing the floors every month or two, and deep cleaning annually.
  2. Use Furniture Floor Pads: Add protective pads to all your movable furniture pieces to ensure that they do not cause accidental scuffs or scratches. Avoid using any plastic-wheeled furniture items as those tend to damage hardwood flooring easily. Felt or cork pads or glides are excellent options to safeguard your wooden floors from the harmful movement of chairs or coffee tables.
  3. Shield Your Floors from Footwear: Compared to sofas, chairs, or sideboards, shoes may seem like an insignificant threat to your wooden floors. However, if your shoes have pointed heels or have the type of soles that easily pickup small stones, they can quickly damage wooden floors. Consider wearing house slippers while moving around inside the home, and stock a few pairs for your guests as well. Add a doormat at the entrance as residual water, snow, or salt are some of the worst culprits of flooring damage around the entryway.
  4. Trim Your Pet’s Claws: Most pets may not deliberately scratch the flooring. However, even if they simply walk on hardwood floors, their claws could cause scratching and dents to the wood surface. Let your furry friends enjoy the floors as much as you do by keeping their nails trim. If frequent grooming sessions are not an option, consider pet booties or nail caps. If you are installing new wooden floors in a certain area of your home, there are plenty of pet-friendly hardwood flooring options to choose from.
  5. Use Rugs: Clever use of area rugs in high-traffic zones will prevent wear and tear on your wooden floors. Remember to stick some non-slip rug pads around the corners to ensure that the rugs do not move or cause accidental trips and falls. You may also want to periodically rearrange your rugs and furniture pieces. This will keep the wood looking lively and fresh, while also redistributing the stresses so that the floor ages evenly.

Bull Tough Flooring Offers Professional Hardwood Repair in Calgary

Despite all the precautions, if your wooden floors are looking dull, or have marks, gouges or scuffs, do not be disheartened as this is inevitable and will happen. To repair scratches, dings or damage to your hardwood floors, count on the flooring professionals at Bull Tough Flooring, the best hardwood floor refinishers in Calgary. Our qualified crew has the skills and experience to restore and repair old floors, as well as refinish new floors.

Happy homeowners in and around Calgary count on us for our quality products, impeccable finishes and efficient and timely completion of projects.

For reliable and cost-efficient hardwood repairs in Calgary, count on an award-winning flooring company, such as Bull Tough Flooring. Give us a call at 403-975-2579 to discuss your requirements or complete our online form and we will get back to you soon.

Protect and Maintain the Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen


Insights from Your Trusted Hardwood Floor Company in Calgary

Despite their warmth, charm, timeless elegance, and long lifespan, hardwood floors are not always the preferred choice of flooring option in most kitchens. Unlike other materials, such as laminate, vinyl, or tile, hardwood is an organic material. Which means, its cellular structure may damage easily due to moisture, direct sunlight or other potential problems that may occur in the kitchen, including spills, food stains, or dropping of utensils and sharp kitchen tools.

Whether you already have wooden flooring in your kitchen, or are keen on adding hardwood floors to your cook space, it is important to know how you can protect the wood and maximize its life. The hardwood repair and refinishing experts at Bull Tough Flooring offer some suggestions in this context. 

Top Care and Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Hardwood Floors 

When cared for properly, hardwood floors can last several decades. However, wood flooring in the kitchen may face a few additional challenges that do not apply to the rest of the home.

Why are Wood Floors in the Kitchen More Susceptible? Some of the common factors that can impact the beauty or functionality of wooden floors in the kitchen are:

  • Moisture: The top reason for damage to hardwood floors is water or excessive moisture. Even a small spill may seep into the wood, causing warping, wood rot or mold growth. A leaky kitchen sink or dishwasher could also have dire consequences on the wood flooring.
  • Dirt, Dust and Food Crumbs: Over time, accumulated dirt and dust act like sandpaper, slowly wearing off the topcoat of your flooring. Similarly, food crumbs, mixed with dirt or moisture can be highly damaging to the wooden floor. When wet, the starch in the food particles can lead to fungus, mold, or mildew, and attract rodents and insects that could cause further destruction.
  • Heat: As an organic material, wood expands and contracts due to the changes in the humidity levels as well as the temperatures. Although minor fluctuations are not a problem, major ones due to excessive heat or moisture could reduce the life of the wood.

How to Protect the Wooden Floors in the Kitchen? One of the best ways to care for wooden flooring in the kitchen is to be vigilant. This means:

  • Wiping Up Spills Immediately: Spills of water, beverages, sauces or other cooking ingredients can quickly stain your wood floors. While you can clean up fresh spills immediately, for old stains, consider sanding the floors or hiring the best hardwood floor refinishers in Calgary.  
  • Cleaning Regularly: As with any flooring, regular and proper cleaning of hardwood floors will keep them in top shape for a long time. A quick sweep at the end of the day will ensure there is no dirt, grime or food particles left on the floor. Avoid using wet or steam mops on hardwood floors. Instead, invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner, broom or dust mop.
  • Using Mats or Rugs: Protect the high risk areas, such as in front of the dishwasher, sink or refrigerator by using mats or rugs that can that retain the beauty of the hardwood beneath. Choose mats with an open backing to prevent creating a dirt, dust or moisture trap that is possible with rubber backing mats.
  • Recoat Every Few Years: Even with the best of cleaning and precautions, your kitchen floor will develop scuffs or scratches due to high foot traffic and general wear and tear. Eventually when the wood starts looking dull or worn, give it some TLC in the form of a professional recoating, which can bring back the lost luster and shine. Maintenance coats are a quick, inexpensive, and cost-effective option to make your wooden floors look as good as new.

Wood Flooring Maintenance by the Best Hardwood Floor Refinishers in Calgary

At Bull Tough Flooring, we offer a complete suite of hardwood flooring services, including floor repairs, maintenance coats, refinishing and new installations. Our hardwood repair specialists in Calgary can fix the minor damage in your wooden floors and offer routine maintenance coats for extending its lifespan. If you need to restore old wooden floors to their former function and beauty, or wish to refresh the stain or finishing of the existing floors, rely on our team of the best hardwood floor refinishers in Calgary. When you hire our experts, expect nothing less than quality finishes, efficient project management and excellent custom service.

For affordable and reliable hardwood flooring maintenance, repairs or refinishing, count on the experienced professionals at Bull Tough Flooring. Call 403-975-2579 or write to us online for an instant quote.