How to Clean Hardwood Floors

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You may have found this blog by searching “hardwood floor installation near me.” Bull Tough Flooring Ltd. are pros at hardwood flooring installation in Calgary – but our job doesn’t end there. We’re committed to ensuring your hardwood floors look as good as the day we installed – or refinished – them. With proper care, your hardwood floors can last for decades to come. That’s why we’re sharing our tips on how to clean your hardwood floors.

Dust Mop or Vacuum

Prevent scratches on your hardwood by first going over your floor with a dust mop or vacuum to collect dust, dirt, debris, or pet hair at least once per week. If using a vacuum, opt for the floor-brush attachment. If you have a beater bar instead, make sure to switch it to the hard floor setting to bypass the brush roll; otherwise, it could negate the purpose of trying to prevent scratches.

Prevent and Mitigate Damage

The easiest way to fix something is to prevent it from getting damaged in the first place! A common misconception is that mopping is must; hardwood floors should never be wet mopped! Standing water can cause hardwood to crack, split, cup, and warp, and it can also damage the finish, which can lead to discolouration. Similarly, never use a steam cleaner as the vapour will penetrate the wood and cause irreparable damage to both the floor and finish. The same goes for spills: while they may be unintentional, they can wreak havoc on your floors. Be sure to clean up any liquid right away. In short, avoid water!

You can further prevent damage by making good use of floor mats inside and outside of exterior doors and in high-traffic areas (wait until you’ve been told it’s safe to do so for newly finished floors); however, area rugs can result in colour differences due to UV exposure, so be strategic with your placement. Also, be sure to regularly shake/clean rugs and ensure they are completely dry before placing on your floor. Consider using furniture protectors to prevent scratches and avoid wearing sport shoes and high heels indoors when possible. If you happen to see a heel mark or scuff on your hard-working sport floor, apply a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner with a dust mop or soft cloth.

Hardwood floors may be an investment, but if given proper care, they’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to. Need some advice? Or perhaps you’re ready to upgrade your flooring? We can help. Contact Bull Tough today!

Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Floors: Which is Better?

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You’re renovating – or you’re building from the ground up. You may be asking yourself: should you go with engineered or solid hardwood flooring installation in your Calgary home? We’re here to help you make that hard decision.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are made from – you guessed it! – hard wood. Solid hardwood flooring comes from mature trees that are milled, sanded, and stained or finished. Each solid hardwood board is comprised of one piece of hardwood that’s approximately ¾ of an inch thick. Solid hardwood comes from the environment and it’s good for the environment; when it’s sustainably sourced, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options. Because it comes from nature, its texture and grain are both natural and organic. You can stain and finish it in many ways; there are several unique stain selections available – especially for lighter hardwood. Further, it is easy to clean, and it can be refinished multiple times if it gets scratched. If your solid hardwood is reclaimed or hand-scraped, you may even opt to leave minor damage as is to enhance its character.

Engineered Hardwood

Given that it comes straight from nature, solid hardwood flooring cannot be duplicated, but engineered flooring does its best to imitate it. It’s often confused with laminate, but it costs less; it’s typically about the same price as solid hardwood. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is not solid wood. It is made of fiberboard or plywood with a thin real-wood veneer on top and the planks are usually wider and thinner. Like solid hardwood, they can typically be refinished – but only a couple of times. In terms of installation, some varieties feature “click lock” edges, which some DIYers prefer. Engineered hardwood is easy to clean; however, it’s not as durable or as easy to maintain as solid hardwood.

The Winner: Solid Hardwood

Hardwood flooring may be an investment, but it’s one worth making. It truly stands the test of time. It can last for generations, and it can be an appealing feature for generations to come. (Fifty-four percent of homebuyers would spend more on a home that has hardwood flooring.)

Solid hardwood flooring is the solid choice for your next flooring project. If you’re looking for hardwood floor installation in Calgary, look no further than Bull Tough Flooring. Give us a call today!