Frequently Asked Questions – Bull Tough Flooring

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How long does it take to install a hardwood floor?

The time it takes to install a hardwood floor depends on the size of the area, the type of wood, and the installation method. As a rule of thumb, prefinished hardwood floor may take longer to arrive but requires very little time to install, whereas unfinished hardwood will arrive quickly, but involves a time-consuming installation process. Most projects less than 500 sq. ft can be completed in less than 2 days, while it typically takes 5-6 days for an average 1000 sq. ft hardwood floor installation. Whether you choose prefinished or unfinished wooden floors, our qualified and licensed flooring professionals complete the hardwood floor installation in a quick, efficient and hassle-free manner. We promise quality materials, advanced installation techniques and minimal disruption to your routine.

Can I install hardwood flooring over concrete?

Yes, you can install hardwood flooring over concrete, but there are several factors to consider. Depending on the home’s location, the soil beneath, and other factors, a concrete slab floor will have unique characteristics which impact how a wooden floor can be installed. Testing for moisture can be done through 4 methods: Rubber Mat Test, Calcium Chloride Test, Phenolphthalein Test, and Polyethylene Film Test. Laying hardwood over a concrete slab brings with it unique challenges which only a skilled and trusted contractor can handle flawlessly.

How do I care for my hardwood floors?

Regular sweeping and vacuuming are important to remove dirt and debris from your floors. Avoid using wet mops or harsh chemicals – these can cause hardwood floors to crack, split, cup, or warp, and it can also damage the finish, which can lead to discoloration. We recommend using a hardwood floor cleaner and following manufacturer instructions for care and maintenance. Also, be sure to regularly shake/clean rugs and ensure they are completely dry before placing them on your floor. Consider using furniture protectors to prevent scratches and avoid wearing sport shoes and high heels indoors when possible. With proper care, your hardwood floors can last for decades to come.

Can I refinish my hardwood floors?

Yes, hardwood floors can be refinished multiple times over their lifetime. Bull Tough Flooring specializes in refinishing faded, scratched, or damaged hardwood floors. Refinishing can restore the appearance of your floors and extend their lifespan. At Bull Tough Flooring, we use a powerful, top-of-the-line dustless wood floor refinishing system that gets the job done right. Whether you’re refinishing a small section of floor or an entire home, a dust extraction system will provide excellent power and coverage. Click here to learn more about refinishing hardwood floors in your Calgary home.

How can I prevent damage to my hardwood floors in the winter?

To prevent damage, it’s important to maintain a consistent indoor temperature and humidity level. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and avoid using salt or ice melt products on your floors. Use rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to protect your floors from dirt, debris, and moisture. To learn more about the effects of temperature on hardwood floors, click here.