When Should I Refinish My Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors can dramatically change the look and feel of your home, generating new warmth and a timeless look. However, we also know that your home is a place where you create memories and unforgettable experiences with loved ones, and unfortunately, that means wear and tear on your hardwood floors. Odds are if you have dogs, you have experienced spills or water damage, or have teenagers who wear their shoes through the house, you have probably looked at your aged hardwood floors and thought to yourself, “someday we will get new floors.” The reality is that getting new hardwood floors can be a big job and comes with a price tag to match. The good news is, you likely don’t need to replace your floors, you can refinish them!

Bull Tough Flooring specializes in refinishing faded, scratched, or damaged hardwood floors. The process will involve sanding down the floor to expose the bare wood, polishing the wood, and then adding a natural or stain coat for protection and colour preference.

The process of refinishing your floors will involve using a very fine sander to remove the top protective layers. This process sounds messy, but Bull Tough Floors utilizes a dustless system. The dust and residue from the sanding process will be sucked up into a vacuum-like system, eliminating the dust and mess as we work. When we leave your home, there will be no layers of dust across your countertops!

Knowing when and if hardwood floors can be refinished is a complicated question, because it comes down to your preference, but some indications you should considering finishing your hardwood floors include:

Discoloration: Typically, a sun-bleached look or subtle fading is not a big deal, but if you notice that wood is starting to have a dull grey hue, this could indicate that your hardwood has been exposed to moisture and should be refinished.

Excessive Scratches: Your hardwood floor is being protected by a top layer of sealant; when the floor is severely scratched, that seal is broken and can lead to larger issues. Of course, the number one concern is moisture getting into the wood. By refinishing your floor and repairing these deep scratches you will both protect the wood and remove the visible scratch.

The next time you find yourself looking at your hardwood floors and thinking there is nothing to do about the scratches, discoloration, or even water damage, consider the option of refinishing your hardwood floors. The process is dustless and effective.

To learn more about how Bull Tough Flooring can help refinish your hardwood floors in Calgary, give us a call!