How to Care for Hardwood Floors and Make Them Last

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All things last longer when taken care of so read on for Bull Tough’s tips on how to make your Calgary hardwood flooring last. (Spoiler alert: humidity affects your hardwood floors and YYC is generally a dry city). 

Keep your floors dry 

Wood is a porous material so any water on it will be absorbed. Over time the wood will warp or possibly rot and that’s surely not the look you were going for when you decided on hardwood flooring. Clean up spills of any kind immediately and avoid mopping your floors with a wax-based or soap-based detergent at these types of products leave a cloudy finish on what should be a shiny surface! 

Be Gentle 

Hardwood floors can scratch easily, so things dropped, pets, or vacuums can dent or damage the floor. Be kind to your floor, and instead of vacuuming it, try wiping it with a micro-fiber cloth. Underneath your furniture, be sure to apply felt pads so when things get moved around, there’s no chance of scratching your hardwood floor. 

Decorate with rugs 

You don’t want to throw rugs everywhere since the whole point of a hardwood floor is to add ambiance and luxury to your home. But rugs are great accent pieces that can be used to complement your colors and decorations and in high traffic areas, they also serve to protect your flooring.  

Sun burn 

UV rays can discolor your hardwood flooring and Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city. So, be mindful of this and if your floors are in a spot where they get lots of sun, limit their exposure by drawing blinds or drapes throughout the day.  

Polish up 

It doesn’t take much to make your hardwood floors shine time and again. Polishing fills in the cracks gifted by regular wear and tear and adds to your floor’s longevity and looks, think of it as a reset button. Contact Bull Tough Flooring to book us in and come through to do a polish.  


Hardwood flooring in Calgary is definitely affected by external factors because wood in its nature reacts to changes in its environment. It’s not only easy to do but also important to keep the humidity stable in your home to keep your hardwood floors looking great. 

Strip your floors   

This sounds daunting, but luckily with the above steps taken into consideration, stripping your floors is a process that will happen in between significant gaps of time. Bull Tough Flooring has process of stripping your floors down to a science and can restore your hardwood floors to look like new with minimal disruption to your abode.  

Reach out with any questions you may have-we never get ‘board’ of floor talk!