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Maintenance Coats

A maintenance coat means adding an extra layer of finish to your hardwood or engineered floor. This process is a quick, cheap, and incredibly impactful way to maintain your floors and have them looking like new again in no time!

This is a great way to fix up your house for resale or in between renters. Many dog owners will use this technique to keep their floors from looking scratched or weathered.

Maintenance coats are an essential part of making sure your floor lasts a lifetime. Regardless of how much or little the floor is used, eventually, the original finish starts to wear away and exposes raw wood. Once the floor reaches this stage, its too late. The whole floor will need a full re-sand if you wait until this happens. Maintenance coats are usually a one-day process, After the final coat it should be dry and ready to be walked on again with 3-4 hours!

Maintenance coasts are approximately three times cheaper than a full re-sand, making it an excellent option to quickly freshen up old floors.

On pre-finished or engineered floors, we can not do a light sand creating scratches on the floor for the coating to cling to, so instead we will do what is called a chemical wash. This process will allow is to recoat the flooring without sanding.  

At Bull Tough Flooring we have experience working with every type of wood and style of flooring. A few of the most common products we work with include:


Loba is our flagship product, a German based company with over 98-year experience making high quality hardwood flooring finishes. This range of water-based products is guaranteed to bring the best out of your floor while protecting it. There are dozens of products specifically designed to react differently with your floor giving you a wide range of options to choose from for the look and feel you’re after.

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    • Daniel

      Can’t speak highly enough about the quality of work these guys do. Ky and his team did an amazing job in our house. Goodbye gross yellow 1960’s floors and hello beautiful grey-toned planks! I was very happy with Bull Tough from beginning to end and would highly recommend them to any one else looking to modernize their floors.

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