What To Do – Refinishing, Recoat or Replace?

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So you’re thinking about updating your hardwood flooring but the thought of the mess and dust is turning you off. But then you stumble upon dustless hardwood floor refinishing online and all of a sudden, the scratches on your floor become that much more unbearable.  

You start your digital pilgrimage to learn more and discover yet another option, sandless hardwood floor refinishing. What is the difference between sandless and dustless hardwood floor refinishing? Should you recoat, refinish or replace your hardwood floors?  Read on to find out and feel free to reach out to Bull Tough Flooring in Calgary with any questions you may have. 

All floors with enough of a ‘wear layer’ can be refinished. This involves sanding. If there isn’t enough to sand, then replacing the floor is your only option. To replace your floor, there are two options. Bull Tough will either overlay a floor at low cost because there is almost no prep work at all-the old floor is left intact and the new floor is installed overtop it. Or, Bull Tough will undertake a fresh install where the pre-existing flooring must be first removed. This takes more time and removing the existing hardwood comes at a cost of $3-$5 per square foot.

If there is enough wood to sand, then this is where refinishing or re-coating your hardwood floor comes into play. If your floors are in decent condition and need just a touch up, then re-coating your floors is what Bull Tough would do. In sandless hardwood floor refinishing, we apply an etching chemical to the surface and then roll on with clear coats to finish before the final unveiling of your hardwood floors. There is no huge amount of sanding that is done, and this process allows you to put off performing a major refinishing of your floors for several years.  

If however your floors are not a suitable candidate for re-coating, then Bull Tough Flooring will effectively sand down your hardwood floor to the raw hardwood level, after which we will apply whatever desired colour of stain and sheen level your heart desires. Lastly, Bull Tough will apply clear coats to finish the job. The ‘dustless’ part of dustless hardwood flooring encompasses our staff using a special machine with a vacuum suction tube that inhales all the dust as we sand, so that you don’t have to. Since no process is absolute, we can’t make things 100% dust free, but there is a significant decrease of lingering dust particles in the air and hence this process is much more comfortable for both our staff and our clients. 

There’s a difference in cost to undertaking either process and it is all dependent on the state of your floors and what you would like done. Reach out to Bull Tough Flooring for a  quote and questions and any inquiries about hardwood flooring in Calgary.

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