At Bull Tough Flooring we are continuously striving to be the most reputable provider of solid hardwood floor installation, refinishing and repairs. Our approach to projects is built on:

  1. Our reputation for Quality
  • We take great pride in knowing that our name has a great reputation. When you call Bull Tough Flooring you’re dealing with experts.
  • As highly skilled professionals we guarantee excellent service every time.
  • Our clear communication style will ensure you receive the best service.
  • Our scheduling system is accurate so you can be confident we will start and finish on time.


  1. National Hardwood Flooring Association Standards and Guidelines
  • Bull Tough Flooring strongly adhere to the NWFA’s standard and guidelines for installing and finishing floors and we consider NWFA guidelines the backbone of our operation. This independent set of rules and protocols has ensured our services are at the highest standards.
  • Correct installation and sanding techniques allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on our floors.
  • The final product will always meet and exceed the standards outlined.
  • Following a set procedure for all aspects of our work is what keeps us consistent.


  1. Hands-on Management
  • We’re able to provide seamless services because Ky, the owner, takes pride in being an active manager, working on the projects himself, and ensuring every customer receives the best service.
  • Clear and accurate information is communicated in a timely manner.
  • All your questions can be answered immediately.
  • The best and most efficient working process is followed.


  1. Project Planning
  • Having a properly managed work calendar guarantees we will always be able to complete your project on time.
  • We do not overlap or overbook our jobs.
  • All materials are ordered prior to the start date.
  • Extra time is factored into the project schedule to allow any unexpected delays to be dealt with immediately.
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