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At Bull Tough Flooring we have experience working with every type of wood and style of flooring. A few of the most common products we work with include:

  1. Woods
  2. Stains
  3. Finishes
  4. Cleaning Products


Loba is our flagship product, a German based company with over 98 year experience making high quality hardwood flooring finishes. This range of water based products is guaranteed to bring the best out of your floor while protecting it. There are dozens of products specifically designed to react differently with your floor giving you a wide range of options to choose from for the look and feel you’re after.


Bull Tough Flooring is proud to offer a number of different woods for your hardwood flooring project. We have expert knowledge in each type ensuring we can help guide you pick the perfect solution for your home.

RED OAK: The most common and popular hardwood flooring used in the Calgary. This wood is always available and comes in various widths. Excellent results can always be expected with this product

MAPLE: The second most common wood used in Calgary. It takes a skilled craftsman to bring out the beauty of maple due to the fact that’s it’s technically more difficult to sand and stain than many other woods.

WALNUT: One of the most visually attractive woods we work with. The grain and colours of the wood really pop out when the floor has been coated. As a softer wood it must be well maintained well to last a long time.

BIRCH: Birch is a soft wood similar to maple in it’s characteristics. It looks great either natural or stained and can easily be refinished due to the softer nature of the wood.

AMERICAN CHERRY: A wood best finished with a clear coat. Staining American Cherry is limited to a selection of colours due to the heavy red tones in the wood.

BARNWOOD : The look and feel of a hardwood floor that has been created from timber reclaimed from historic buildings all across Canada is, to say the least, unique. The most common woods are fir, hemlock and pine, each board comes with it's own story etched into its surface.

BRAZILIAN CHERRY: Brazilian cherry does hail from the rain forests of Brazil. It is almost twice as strong as red oak.

HICKORY: Hickory is a hard, durable wood comparable to maple. It has strong colors and a tight grain.

YELLOW BIRCH: Yellow birch machines a little easier than maple, a wood with similar characteristics. That's because yellow birch normally has a finer, more even grain than maple.

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    • Daniel

      Can’t speak highly enough about the quality of work these guys do. Ky and his team did an amazing job in our house. Goodbye gross yellow 1960’s floors and hello beautiful grey-toned planks! I was very happy with Bull Tough from beginning to end and would highly recommend them to any one else looking to modernize their floors.

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