How Often Should Hardwood Floors be Refinished


Your Trusted Hardwood Floor Refinishing Experts in Calgary Explain

While hardwood floors usually last a lifetime or even generations, even with the best of care, your floors may start showing signs of ageing after about 10 years. The majority of the homeowners need to call on hardwood floor refinishing specialists much sooner than that due to the simple wear and tear of a busy household. Whether it is scuffs, scratches, dullness, or uneven coloring, if your wooden floors are calling out for help, you may need to decide when to refinish the hardwood flooring in your Calgary home.

Bull Tough Flooring’s hardwood flooring installation specialists often hear customers asking “How often should hardwood floors be refinished?” There is no right answer, because it depends on several —numerous factors influence the decision to refinish your hardwood floors. Read on to learn more.

Aspects that Impact Hardwood Refinishing Decisions

Although minor wear and tear in hardwood floors is easy to treat through sanding, re-staining and sealing, certain aspects may necessarily require a thorough sanding and refinishing service. Here are a few signs that indicate that hardwood refinishing is imperative.

  • Discoloration: Typically, a sun-bleached look developing on your wooden floors is not a serious problem. If you are having a hard time ignoring the blemishes, refinishing will help you recover an even coloring. However, if the floorboards start showing a dull gray hue, it could indicate a potential water or moisture damage that is built up over time. A refinishing service will help you protect the hardwood from any further damage before it deteriorates beyond repair.
  • Massive or Excessive Scratches: Although minor scratching on wooden floors is common, any deep or excessive grazes may require sanding or refinishing. If left unattended, such scratches could impact the integrity of the sealant, which usually protects your hardwood floors from the elements.
  • Dullness: Similar to minor scrapes, minor dullness in your wooden floors, especially in high-traffic areas of your home is normal. However, if the dull patches start becoming an eyesore or make your hardwood flooring look uneven or neglected, a refinishing service will help you restore a consistent and beautiful sheen to your floors.

Remember, refinishing wooden floors may seem like you are giving your flooring a new lease of life. However, in reality, every refinishing service strips away a layer of the original wood. Engineered wood can handle a refinishing service only once or twice in its lifespan, whereas, solid hardwood can withstand sanding and refinishing about 4 to 8 times.

Reliable Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing in Calgary

As Calgary’s hardwood flooring installation and refinishing experts, Bull Tough Flooring offers a complete suite of reliable and affordable hardwood flooring services. From custom staining to dustless sanding, our crew stays abreast of the latest techniques in refinishing and reviving wooden floors. We use only top quality, professional-grade products that are gentle on the wood, and help you recover the lost sheen or coloring.

Looking for affordable and durable hardwood floor refinishing services for your Calgary home? Discuss your concerns and requirements with the specialists at Bull Tough Flooring at 403-975-2579. You can also write to us online to request an instant quote.

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