Hardwood Floors for Modern Homes

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In contemporary home design, hardwood floors have become more popular – and for good reason! It has a simple but stylish look that is easy to integrate with the desired look and feel of your home. Many also argue it’s significantly easier to clean, especially when it comes to spills and drops. At Bull Tough Flooring, we have a variety of hardwood floor options to fit your space. Choosing the right look and style can quickly modernize your home without breaking the bank. 

With the variety of choices of wood we offer, it can be tricky to narrow it down to just one. There are a few factors you may want to consider when choosing a wood:

  • The colours and tones already in your home; i.e. your furniture, the colours of your walls, home décor
  • The amount of care you are willing to put into your floors
  • The timeline in which you are looking to install
  • The residents of your home – do you have kids? Pets?


Selecting the Perfect Wood for a Modern Look

The top five kinds of wood we recommend for a modern look in your home are as follows: 

  1. Red Oak – the number one most used wood for hardwood flooring in Calgary. It is readily available and therefore has a very short lead time for installation. You can expect a positive experience with this wood.
  2. Maple – the second most used wood for hardwood flooring in Calgary. Maple takes a little more technical attention to bring out the beautiful intricacies of the wood, giving it a longer lead time on installation. That said, our experienced installers work well with this wood and will be sure to take both care and swiftness in installing your maple floors. 
  3. Walnut – this is easily one of the most visually interesting woods we offer. If you’re looking for a floor whose colours stand out, this might be the wood for you. That being said, it is a softer wood, so it does require more maintenance and care. Other options might be better suited for your needs if you have kids or pets who might be playing a little rough.
  4. Birch – this wood is quite similar to maple, with a few exceptions that are worth noting. Birch looks great laid naturally or stained and is extremely easy to refinish given its softer quality. It also has a lighter, more neutral tone that may fit with a wider array of design choices. Because it is a soft wood, it is similar to walnut in that it might need extra TLC and may not be suited to a home with kids or pets.
  5. Brazilian Cherry – this wood does hail from the forests of Brazil, lending it a beautiful, modern chic. If you do happen to have kids or pets, this might be the best wood option for you, as it is twice as strong as red oak. 

What Finish to Use on a Modern Floor

Whether you’re installing hardwood floors for the first time or completing a hardwood floor refinishing project, we stand by our primary preference for a finish – Loba, our flagship product. This exceptional German company with nearly 100 years of experience in making hardwood flooring finishes has our stamp of approval Whether you’re installing new hardwood floors or completing a refinishing project, we carry the right Loba product for the job. These products are available for your purchase, or you can contact us to complete your installation or refinishing project. 

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