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You should expect excellent service and final product. Every aspect of this business revolves around offering our customers the best service. We take a lot of pride in the work we do and the way we make our customers feel. In one phrase “peace of mind”.

We use a highly rated commercial grade product for customers who want a low shine floor. This two-part mix finish has the best durability of any product available on the market.


An average 1000sf hardwood floor will take 3 days to refinish.

An average 1000sf hardwood floor installation will take 5-6 days

Most project under 500sf can be completed in under 2 days


You can leave appliances in place and we can refinish up to them, however if you’re going to be changing the colour we recommend removing the fridge and stove. You can remove or reinstall them or have us take care of it.

We can remove and replace the base boards.You can leave them in place, minor paint touch ups will be required.

Yes, in a tight space like a half bathroom most of the time you need to remove the toilet and sink. In some situations, we can refinish around them, in this case please clean the toilet base thoroughly.


Yes, the sheen of the finishes ranges from a “high gloss” to an “ultra flat”. Our most popular product is a high durability, low maintenance ultra flat finish

We first sand the floor down the bare wood and then put a few stain samples down as a reference point. From here we can customize the colour to your liking.

The final cost of your project will depend on a number of factors so we don’t use a specific dollar per square foot to calculate your quote. The job is broken down into various stages and priced accordingly. We offer a high quality service and final product so you should naturally expect our prices above average.

  1. Floor preparation (remove furniture, baseboards, appliances)
  2. Check and secure floor as required
  3. Check moisture readings
  4. Confirm stain colour
  5. Sand hardwood floor
  6. Apply stain
  7. Apply top coats
  8. Clean up
  9. Inspection
  10. Touch ups
  11. Final Inspection

In Calgary there are only a few professional grade products available for hardwood flooring.

For staining we use Bonan Quick Dry, this is a great product. They have a good selection of base stain colours which can easily be custom mixed to your preference.

For our finish coat use a variety of products from the German manufacturer Loba. They have a range of products suitable for all situations. These are quick drying finishes and excellent durability. The most popular finish we use is ultra low shine.

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    • Daniel

      Can’t speak highly enough about the quality of work these guys do. Ky and his team did an amazing job in our house. Goodbye gross yellow 1960’s floors and hello beautiful grey-toned planks! I was very happy with Bull Tough from beginning to end and would highly recommend them to any one else looking to modernize their floors.

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