Dust Extraction Systems: Leaving Traditional Refinishing in the Dust

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If you’re considering refinishing your wood floors, you may be concerned about the possible mess and inconvenience. When you choose Bull Tough Flooring, there’s no need to worry! We use a powerful, top-of-the-line dustless wood floor refinishing system that gets the job done right. Here are five benefits of choosing Bull Tough Flooring for dustless hardwood floor refinishing in Calgary.

A Healthier Environment

A dustless wood floor refinishing system provides a healthier environment for both you and your family. Despite sealing off vents and ducts, traditional wood floor refinishing methods can release harmful airborne particles into your home, which can aggravate respiratory problems and trigger allergies. A dustless system contains the dust generated during the refinishing process, making it much safer for all occupants.

No Messy Cleanup

Dustless wood floor refinishing is much cleaner than traditional refinishing methods. There’s no messy cleanup after the job is done; dust is pulled directly into the system’s containment unit before it has a chance to circulate. When the job is done, the only evidence we were there will be your beautifully refinished floors!


Dustless wood floor refinishing is faster and less disruptive than traditional methods. There’s no need to seal off rooms, cover furniture, or for you – or your pets – to vacate your space. And because there’s no need to wait for the dust to settle, you can start enjoying your newly refinished floors much sooner.

More Environmentally Friendly

Using a dust extraction system is more environmentally friendly than traditional refinishing methods. Containing the dust generated during the refinishing process prevents it from being released into the air, where it can contribute to air pollution.

An Incredible Result – No Matter How Big the Job

Whether you’re refinishing a small section of floor or an entire home, a dust extraction system will provide excellent power and coverage. And because there’s no dust, you don’t need to worry about microscopic particles affecting the finishing process – and therefore the end result.

When it comes to refinishing your wood floors, a dustless wood floor refinishing system is the way to go. You can enjoy the benefits of a healthier environment and a cleaner home – in less time. Your search for “best hardwood floor installers near me (Calgary)” is over; contact Bull Tough Flooring today!

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