Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors in 2020


How much does it cost to refinish hardwood in Calgary 2020?

Good question.

Let’s look into the factors and costs involved in refinishing your floors and updating the look and feel of your home.

Before you decide you need to refinish your hardwood floor, decide if you would like to actually refinish them which involves sanding down your planks of wood, or just a simple recoating which involves adding an extra layer of protection and gives it an aged look. Maintenance coats are approximately three times cheaper than a full re-sand, so this is a good starting point for your consideration.

Factors to look at when it comes to calculating the cost of your refinishing your floors include square footage, type of floor, and its current condition.

The more area you have, the lower your price per square foot. Large open rooms are easier to do but adding in stairs or smaller spaces like closets increases the price.

To completely refinish your hardwood floor, Bull Tough will need to sand down the top layer to expose the bare wood beneath and then coat it up again with your chosen stain and topcoats. This can cost anywhere between $2.00 to $5.00+ per square foot, but it is difficult to give a fixed amount without fully understanding your floor. All flooring jobs are broken down into several stages which are priced accordingly.

Labor costs are also contingent on the factors listed above and so our team will take longer or shorter, depending on the conditions with which we are starting.

To obtain an accurate quote for the cost to refinish hardwood flooring in Calgary, kindly provide pertinent details regarding your project, get in touch. We are confident in our expertise and in most cases can provide you a quote over the phone instantly.

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