6 Ways to Remove Old Paint from Hardwood Floors

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Painting is Great…Spills, Not So Much

No one ever plans on getting paint all over the floor. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. If you’re a parent with small kids or a fur baby, there’s a special element of chaos that you know you must account for whenever you’re doing anything that could get messy.

The Top 6 Ways to Remove Paint from Hardwood Floors

In the event your floors become littered with dried paint stains, there are a few easy tricks you can use to help remove them with little to no stress. To get some ideas on how to approach paint-splotched floors, we’ve provided a list of the six best approaches. Should these not deliver the results you want, call Bull Tough Flooring for hardwood floor refinishing.

  1. Commercial Paint Removers
    There are a variety of brands to choose from when shopping for commercial paint removers that will expedite the paint removal process and they don’t require much of a strategy to execute the process efficiently. Simply apply the remover to the stain using a cotton swab, let it soak for 15-20 minutes, and wipe it away with a rag. Just be careful to apply it only to the areas with paint.
  2. Cleansing Pads
    Using alcohol prep pads can be a cheaper alternative to buying commercial paint removers. If there isn’t a thick coat of paint on the surface, then this can do the trick with a little elbow grease.
  3. Scraping with a Putty Knife
    You aren’t limited to only using a putty knife, but plastic-based knives work best simply because they are unlikely to damage/chip the hardwood flooring during the process. Some paints will come off easier this way when heated, so use a hairdryer (NOT a heat gun) to get the process started. It is important to note that paints that are not water-based will pose a challenge to scraping methods. If you’re in this situation, then it would be more productive to stick to other methods. Ideally, call in the professionals for hardwood floor refinishing and get the best results.
  4. Paint Thinners
    Using paint thinner will make the job a cinch, though it is not recommended unless you have tried the rest of these options first. It can be applied using a rag and works quickly but will remove the finish if not done carefully. An overuse of paint thinner may damage your floor and you will need to book a hardwood floor refinishing appointment to regain the look.
  5. Cleaning Detergents
    Some basic dish soaps can loosen paint-laden flooring as well. The paint will be softened by the detergent and can be lifted or scratched off with ease. If you’re in a hurry, giving this a try first could save you some of the hassle associated with the other methods.
  6. Denatured Alcohol
    Finally, denatured alcohol can also work great. Although it is a simple process, it will take a bit longer than alcohol pads. Once you’ve got the alcohol, rub it onto the stain and let it soak for about a half-hour. This should break it down enough to be scrubbed off or gently chipped away. Be sure the floor is completely dry before you finish.

Do you have other questions about caring for your wood flooring? Feel free to browse through our FAQs for more tips and information. Bull Tough Flooring is Calgary’s best hardwood installer and we know how to repair your floors.

Discuss your concerns with a Bull Tough Flooring customer service specialist by calling 403-975-2579 today. You can also contact us online for a fast, free quote for hardwood floor installation.

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