5 Way to Know it’s Time to Refinish Your Wood Flooring

Refinish Your Wood Flooring

There is certain desirability, elegance, and warmth about hardwood flooring that may be hard to explain, but easy to experience. Not only does wooden flooring enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your home, but it also promises a long lifespan and great acoustics. While hardwood floors involve simple cleaning, they are not exactly maintenance-free. Despite the best care, over time, the flooring may develop stains, scratches, or discoloration. Hence, it is important to monitor and plan periodic hardwood flooring maintenance to ensure it remains in top shape over the years.

At Bull Tough Flooring, we specialize in hardwood flooring for all types of residences in Calgary. As an award-winning, full-service company, we have successfully installed and refinished solid hardwood floors for over 1200 happy customers in just over a decade. Our experienced flooring professionals offer some insights on when to refinish your wood flooring.

Top Signs that Your Hardwood Floors need Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood floors delivers a high return on investment. It improves the longevity of the wood, as well as the value and attractiveness of your home. However, at times, refinishing may not be an adequate or appropriate solution, and full replacement may be the wiser choice. Here are some ways to know whether it’s time to refinish your wood flooring:

    1. Water Damage: Immediately cleaning spilled water from hardwood is usually sufficient for avoiding any permanent damage to your flooring. However, repeated spills over the years, including massive water leaks or pet urine could leave lasting, unsightly stains and impact the quality of the floorboards. Sanding or staining may help in getting rid of minor grazes, scratches, and stains. However, if moisture seeps into the lower parts of the wood, it may lead to warping and rot. If your wood flooring is peeling or feeling rickety or unbalanced while walking, call a specialist to confirm and assess the water damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, they can advise you on refinishing the flooring or installing new hardwood.
    2. Sun Damage: Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can eventually cause discoloration in your hardwood floors. If you notice faded planks, especially near the windows or doors, it’s time to sand and refinish the top layer of the wood to bring back a uniform color. Pro Tip: If there is no fading, but just a dullness of the finish, a screen and recoat may be an inexpensive way to restore the look and condition of the hardwood. This is a light sanding technique, which you can do every three to four years as a preventive measure for protecting your hardwood flooring from sun damage.
    3. General Wear and Tear: Does your hardwood floor look greyish? This could be a sign that the polyurethane coating is wearing off, which in turn leads to wood oxidizing and turning grey. Over time, the high-traffic zones may also show signs of splintering floorboard edges or deep scratches, impacting the surface of the wood. For all such general wear and tear, refinishing the hardwood floors with sanding and staining will help you revive its original beauty and smooth finish.
    4. Changing Styles or Trends: Whether your personal taste changes or your current wooden floorings look dated, hardwood floor refinishing may help you achieve a completely new look for your Calgary home. While sanding and staining can transform your floors into a different shade or pattern, it cannot change the plank width, type of wood, or pattern of installation. If you desire any such drastic changes, then a complete replacement is the only option.
    5. Age of the Wood: Despite their lasting quality, hardwood floors are not entirely impregnable. Depending on the usage and care, wood can sometimes become too worn or damaged. In other cases, such as vintage homes, it may actually be a few hundred years old. For all such instances, refinishing will not help you revive the condition of the flooring. In fact, most woods have a limitation on the number of times you can sand it down. Excessive refinishing can damage the grooves and tongues that hold the floorboards together, leading to splintering and other damage to your floors. When your wood flooring has reached the end of its life, consider a complete replacement service to install new floors.

Reliable and Cost-effective Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Calgary

Well-maintained hardwood flooring gives your home a smart and tidy look, while also increasing the value of your property. At Bull Tough Flooring, we have the experience and expertise to install and refinish all types of hardwood floors. Whether you are looking to restore old floors or finish newly installed floors, our flooring experts will skilfully address the specific requirements of your spaces. We stay abreast of the latest trends, use safe, professional-grade products, and plan our processes meticulously to ensure that each project is completed on time and on budget. With our timely and efficient hardwood refinishing services, you will not only improve the lifespan of the wood, but also enjoy smart, attractive, and durable wooden floors in your Calgary home.

Looking for affordable and reliable hardwood floor installations or refinishing services near you? Count on the experts at Bull Tough Flooring. Explore our complete range of products and services, or request an instant quote by reaching out to us online.


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