2020 Flooring Trends You Absolutely Need to Know

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Looking to find out what is popular in hardwood styles and colors in 2020?

At Bull Tough Flooring, we know hardwood and understand its timelessness. A hardwood floor not only adds value to your home, but they are also relatively easy to refinish to stay fresh and modern. If making changes to your floors is something you are eyeing this year, check out the trends we are seeing in hardwood floors in Calgary homes.

Dark and cool toned hardwoods

Dark hardwood is still quite popular. Styles are starting to deviate more and more away from red, yellow or red/brown undertones and moving more towards brown and cooler colors. Some may prefer a true black stain for their hardwood as it hides most of the graining and looks very modern.

Grey blends and grey

Grey tones are still on the rise and maintain their popularity. Bull Tough Flooring has seen so many customers change their existing hardwood to reflect a grey tone, adding warmth to their homes.  There is a wide range of grey tones that would be suitable for your home and different lights will make the grey look different.

Natural floors

Opposite to trending dark floors, we are seeing a ‘going natural’ trend. People are removing the yellow tones from before and opting for more of a natural, contemporary, and lighter look. This makes decorating easy and versatile.

Whitewashed floors

This trend straddles the very popular greys we see at Bull Tough Flooring and is on par with the cool colors people are gravitating to. This trend originated in the 80s, but we have seen a resurgent this year. The modern whitewashes that are trending today are more subtle and matte in character.

Matte and Satin finishes

Shiny floors were once all the rage, but today, matte and satin finishes are what people are favoring. Low luster is easier to maintain, looks great, hide scratches better and last longer.

On-site refinishing

Pre-finished wood was the trend years ago but today, our Calgary hardwood customers prefer having their floors treated and finished on-site. This allows for a more professional look to your floor, consistent color throughout and controlled finish across the area. Allowing Bull Tough Flooring to perform hardwood refinishing in your home enables us to customize your floor to you by mixing and testing stains right on the spot.

Need more inspiration? Check our some of our latest projects and take a look at the gallery of woods available for your project.

Trends in home decor change over time and hardwood allows for you to keep up with those changes and styles. If you’re in Calgary, reach out to Bull Tough for all your hardwood flooring and hardwood refinishing needs.

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